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Room 5280 is fun way to spend time with friends, family and co-workers. Our team will host a party for any occasion from birthdays and family reunions to bachelor parties, youth groups, office outings and many more!
Up to 8 people - book here. Bigger groups - see below

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Team Building

Looking for a new and exciting activity for your next office party? Lock your team in a room! We offer a challenging and bonding environment for Team Building. Sounds a little more fun than a company picnic?
Up to 8 people - book here. Bigger groups - see below

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4 unique escape room themes
Private games. You will have the whole building to yourself
Up to 40 people can play simultaneously
Food and drinks - welcome
Discounted pricing for big groups
Free parking

If you have a large group or your preferred time is not listed on our schedule please email or call us to request a private event

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    My friends and I had so much fun. We tried out The Experiment, which was super interesting and challenging. The clock started to run down but we made it out with 11 minutes to spare. Will definitely have to try another one!
    Kendall Snow
    Kendall Snow
    13:19 11 Mar 18
    We had a lot of fun escaping the experiment room. Very cool concept. Each puzzle led to next until we escaped. Can't wait to try the other rooms. Highly recommend for a hour of fun!
    Drew Miles
    Drew Miles
    02:50 16 Jan 18
    We did Weird Heritage and the Dark Room and they were both awesome! We definitely needed some help to get going but it was so much fun. The puzzles were all really unique and the backstories were cool. I was worried initially that some of the people in the group wouldn’t be into it but everyone had a lot of fun. Also, because the tasks were so varied, everyone got their moment to be the “hero” since we’re all good at different things. It was a really great group activity that I highly recommend.
    Kaitlin Bair
    Kaitlin Bair
    04:43 30 Dec 17
    This place is AMAZING! The puzzles were hard, but fun! The owner/operator was extremely kind and helpful. I would recommend ROOM 5280 for anyone 12 and older. I will definitely be coming back :)
    Joelle Rudder
    Joelle Rudder
    19:39 13 Jan 18
    So much fun!! Best escape room I've done yet. Perfect combination of tangible puzzles along with word riddles. I can't wait to go back!
    Shannon Guerra
    Shannon Guerra
    00:50 29 Jan 18
    This was my first time doing an escape room with our friends, and it was so creative, fun, intriguing, and innovative! Lots of laughs and screams, very exciting and exhilarating! Our host was awesome and very comedic, he made it so fun. Definitely would recommend this for anyone!
    Lauren Kimberly Scheller
    Lauren Kimberly Scheller
    03:34 17 Mar 18
    Our family was in town and looking for something to do to kill some time. We did the experiment room and had a great time. Our host was very good and amusing. We did escape with a few hints from the host. It was the first escape room experience for most in our group, and they all loved it. I would highly recommend.
    Amber Crowley
    Amber Crowley
    06:57 08 Apr 18
    We had such a great time that we did two rooms. We'll definitely be going back to do the rest. The front door puzzle was by far the hardest.
    Jason McWilliams
    Jason McWilliams
    01:24 02 Apr 18
    We came for our company party and it was SO awesome! They accommodated us in all of the best ways. Our host was amazing, funny, and very helpful!(?) will be back!! #weescaped
    Kodi Wadginski
    Kodi Wadginski
    03:19 07 Apr 18

    How  team building activity can help you win the best games

    The best thing about escape rooms is that it is played in teams. It is necessary to have a team in order to be able to play this adventurous game. There are so many advantages of playing escape room games. Escape rooms are proven to be beneficial for health, education and most of all interactive team building. Escape room game is basically an interactive team building activity.
    You and your colleagues work on a mutual goal together. Escape rooms are considered as one of the best ways to develop understanding and mutual compassion amongst team members.
    Nowadays, many companies are opting for this technique to build stronger teams. They hire escape rooms for a day and divide their employs into teams. The teams then compete with each other.

    Teams work in harmony to win. The company uses this fun team building activity to eliminate any tiredness, laziness, and sluggishness from their employees. Interactive team building in escape room games gives the employees the motivation and inspiration they were lacking. Recently, it has been observed that the companies are benefiting a lot from these escape room games. Their employees are becoming more active and focused. They are also learning the art of working in teams. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn how to work in teams.
    This interactive team building activity will help you in following ways to win the game.

    Mutual Goal
    The team members have a similar goal. They have to escape. A mutual goal helps them in better communication. They feel connected to each other and work very hard to achieve their goal. They understand each other more and develop and a sense of harmony for each other. By working on a mutual goal, everyone gives their best and, in the end, the goal is achieved.

    Engaging Tasks
    Escape room games enable the team members to engage in unique tasks. They work in groups and do a specific task. This team building activity allows them to use their skills efficiently and win.

    Confidence Building
    Everyone from the team, with dedication and hard work, will have something to offer to win the game. This way, timid and confidence-lacking individuals will get to express their point of views. With the help of this team building activity, they will get to build their confidence.

    Work under Pressure
    While indulging in this interactive team building activity, teammates have to go through a lot of pressure. This is because it has a lot of tasks that need to be completed within a fixed amount of time. They won’t get any extra time if they haven’t decoded the puzzles. Either they win or lose. So, the teammates learn to work under pressure. They use their skill sets to attain victory.

    Escape rooms is an excellent team building activity. It is so beneficial for the players andthey learn so many skills. They experience a great time. The key to winning an escape room game is working in teams. If the team is well-coordinated, they will surely win.